Medication review

Medication review is a comprehensive, critical examination of a patient’s illnesses and medicines and potential medication related problems with the objective of finding solutions to these problems.

Medication review is a service, which is carried out in collaboration with the attending physician. The objective of medication review is to recognize and solve problems arising from the patient’s medication.

The reason to carry out a medication review can be poor compliance with treatment, problems with the implementation of medical care, a suspicion of an interaction, a weak response to treatment or poor realization of treatment, irrational medication, five of more medicines, several attending doctors or high medication costs. The patient’s elderly age combined with one of the above-mentioned factors is a clear reason to carry out a medication review.

There are two packages with different amplitudes and prices: A basic package and a more exhaustive package which includes close co-operation with the attending doctor and carer/nurse.

Medication review costs 90 EUR (basic package) / 495 EUR (exhaustive package).